دكتورة نورا رضوان

Have you lost a tooth that is causing you problems with chewing or with the appearance of your smile? Here is the solution with the latest modern technology that compensates you for the loss of teeth, which is the process of dental implants.

If you want to know details about dental implant techniques, the advantages that distinguish them, the required period for dental implants and their types – you should follow the following article and you will get answers to these questions with Dr. Noura Radwan – a dental specialist in Egypt, so continue reading with us.

The best center in Egypt that offers dental implants service

Dr. Noura Radwan Center is characterized by many advantages that enabled it to be one of the best medical centers that provide dental implants service in Egypt, including the following:

The center contains a panorama radiology unit and a digital imaging unit to record treatment steps.
The center contains all types of dental implants.
The medical service at the center is at the highest level.
The center has the latest tools and techniques used in the field of dentistry.
It achieves the best results in the fastest time.
The price of dental implants at Dr. Noura Radwan Center is suitable for all groups.

If you thought well and were excited about this experience, or you are still in the search and preference stage and want to get more information, all you have to do is contact us and you will find a team whose mission is to provide you with all the details and information you need.

The price of dental implants in Egypt

We note that there is a difference in prices between different dental centers and clinics; This is due to the presence of a group of factors, the most important of which are the following:

The type of implants, where the price of Swiss dental implants differs from the Italian one, and the German implants price differs from the Korean implants price.
The quality of the material the implants are made of.
General dental health.
The number of sessions the client needs.
level of medical service.
The quality of the tools and techniques used.

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